My childhood dream came true in Canada

By Sima Saxena

I was born in India. Since my dad worked for Air India, I visited Toronto, ON and Victoria, BC in 1979. I liked Victoria as it is a small beautiful island, with mild weather, greenery, nice beaches and everything close by.

I came to Victoria, BC in 1988. I didn’t have any plans to live in Victoria until my dad passed away and my brother, who was living in Victoria at that time, sponsored my mom and me. It is in our culture that the son becomes the head of the family after my father’s death. I had a childhood dream to be in show business but it died when I came to Canada. I got busy in the new country, understanding a new culture, improving my English and finding a job to survive.

On Canada’s 125th celebration (July 1, 1992), I got my Canadian Citizenship. The big celebration took place at the Parliament Building in Victoria and 125 immigrants became Canadians.

In a few years, I had a traditional arranged marriage in India and I had two children. In the beginning, life was tough, but living in a joint family helped in babysitting and with finance. In the back of my mind, my childhood passion was still burning but it took a back seat as family became priority. Time flew by; my children are grown and are at University.

Last year my passion for show business came back, when I saw the post in the community newspaper about the Miss BC Pageant-open to Miss Teen, Miss, and Mrs. This pageant was for a good cause to raise funds for Cops for Cancer. I discussed with my family and they supported me. I applied for the Mrs. BC contest and I represented Victoria at the pageant. I started my journey by joining the gym, exercising, eating healthy, involving myself in the community and getting expert tips.

My childhood passion kicked off when I won the title of Mrs. Vancouver Island. Articles were written about it in the local newspaper and Victoria Explore tourist magazine. Additionally, there were interviews on local TV stations and I met dignitaries, did short film, commercials, and had more involvement with the community.

I am thankful to Victoria, BC, Canada for making my childhood dream come true. My motto in life – where there is a will, there is a way.