My Canada

By Christina Smith

I was a child of the Canadian tourism industry, and lived in more places by age ten than many people get to experience in a lifetime! Born in Corner Brook and having lived all between there and my current home in Victoria, I’ve had the opportunity to be a Canadian from coast to coast. My Canada is kids who speak Gaelic, fireworks over Lake Banook, too tall to carry sandwiches in Montreal. It is getting to visit Green Gables as a child reading the books. My Canada is lineups for gelato in Toronto’s heat and a barbecue in Pelee Island. It is the breathtaking jewel of Kenora and my Ukranian roots in Winnipeg. Canada is tubing on Shell Lake in the blistering Saskatchewan heat, and an afternoon mountain run by the Buffalo paddock in Banff’s coolness. It is making it up the Dempster to the arctic circle on one set of tires (yeah!) and sourdough bread on Lake LaBarge. It is ski in and ski out on Silverstar mountain and the Symphony of Fire on Jericho Beach at night. My Canada is living the good life on beautiful Vancouver Island, where beach days abound and weekends are spent on the trails of the coastal rainforest. We chose to raise our daughters here in lovely little Victoria, but this mom will make sure they get to experience all the above and everything I didn’t have room to include (Magnetic hill, Canada day in Ottawa, two-stepping in Spiritwood I mean you!). This country is travel and adventure and diversity and a million experiences to be cherished. I could go on but I’ve got to leave some spots for discovery! Love my Canada.