By Simran Chugh

The luscious green grass, raging rivers, the calm gentle breeze, sparkling oceans, mighty mountains and tall trees; Canada is more than a country, it’s a home. It’s a home to you and me. We as a nation share this vast land with thousands of opportunities to live with. My journey to this beautiful country started in 2011 when me and my family moved to Canada in search of better opportunities and a brighter future. So far, the country has taken me to many pathways where I have succeeded and learned from my mistakes. My stay in Canada has made all these years worthy and significant. Canada has taught me to be courageous and has bought me different perspectives which I learn to share with other fellow Canadians, and respect theirs. I have learned to open my mind to opportunities, to see the world without prejudice, to be tolerant and to get out of my comfort zone and give back to the society by joining hands with organizations and volunteering to make a difference. My goal as a resident is to set a good example, with optimism and hope for the future and continue walking on the path to self-knowledge by making the right choices.