Canada to me…

By Khushboo Chugh

Canada to me, is a nation where our diversity holds us together. Here we don’t discriminate. Not on race, sexuality, where we come from, not on anything! Because we are all humans beings and we treat each other as EQUAL. For my family, as an immigrant leaving everything behind and moving to a completely new place was very hard. Because it doesn’t mean leaving behind just the country, it means leaving behind your family, friends, home and things that matter to you and building everything you already had all over again; a life.

But Canada is a treasure. It is a treasure that every Canadian holds within their hearts and relies on. To me it is something I hold in my heart and look at the Canadian flag with nothing but faith, joy and pride. When I look at the beautiful mountains, the clean lakes and rivers, the green grass, the beautiful flowers and most importantly, when I sense the peace in the air, it gives me a sign that this treasure is to be preserved. This country didn’t make itself this beautiful. We all come together and made it this way. I believe in this country and I have faith that nothing can tear us apart because our differences is what brings us together to form this beautiful nation.